About us

ICSDS uses the most progressive industry technologies, guiding projects to their success, and building relationships that live beyond the scope of the contract. Our mission is to create a transparent SDS experience through our supportive and efficient customer-first model.



Offering a sound pricing model that invites organizations of every size and scale

Our organizational efficiency gives way to competitive pricing allowing us to accommodate the budgets of manufacturers, formulators, distributors, importers, and exporters. With tailored services and low overhead, we can offer plans that meet your true SDS needs.


Breaking rigid structures that constrain relationships

We deliver a flexible, accessible service that molds to accommodate the unique challenges of our clients without imposing unnecessary difficulties to their team. Other providers, in contrast, are not able to dedicate the hands-on project governance and the ability to expand contracts and service scope without the endless back-and-forth.


Work with experts from day one

At ICSDS we don’t have intermediaries, clients work directly with scientists and regulatory specialists. Our experts believe in delivering accuracy-focused services that enable organizations to maintain compliance, reduce operational costs, improve workplace safety, and protect the environment. Our accuracy helps your products reach further than before.


Consciousness and transparency govern what we do. We recognize that results can have a significant impact on organizations and downstream partners. We have lived on both sides of regulation and understand the pains of the industry, enabling us to steer clients away from avoidable obstacles.