SDS Authoring

ICSDS uses the most progressive industry technologies, guiding projects to their success and building relationships that live beyond the scope of the contract. Also, our team of Regulatory experts and well-seasoned SDS author associates adopts a state of the art software, comprehensive, and globally compliant solution for the authoring and safety data sheets. An SDS is reviewed and approved by ICSDS senior regulatory expert upon finalizing.

ICSDS team of experts evaluate each substance to set applicable rules and regulations, including GHS substance and preparation classification calculators for the EU GHS/CLP, GHS for UN, US, Japan, South Korea, in the USA and Canada, the OSHA and ANSI guidelines, and corresponding transportation classifications include such as ADR/RID/ADN, DOT, ICAO, IMDG, UN RTDG.

In addition, ICSDS offers a country-specific classifications include the Austrian, VbF, and German; BetrSichV, Störfallverordnung and WGK, VOCs for EU, US, and Swiss VOCV well as Danish MAL.

Furthermore, by adopting a wide range of multilingual templates and standard phrases, our clients receive the benefits of SDS documents (fully compliant with REACH Annex II, and GHS/JIS for Japan, South Korea etc.)
Also, our software contains more than 14,000 pre-defined phrases and text snippets and over 6000 industry-validated phrases translated into almost 50 languages. As a result, ICSDS offers SDS (MSDS) in 30 plus languages.